Traum Chiropractic has been providing quality chiropractic health care in Tempe, Arizona since 1998. We’re not huge but we’re always there for you and we’ve made it our niche to give you the time you need to get the right work done rather than push you through in few minutes. Our chiropractic services are tailored to the needs of each unique patient and we offer a diverse selection of supplements and techniques because we know from experience that different things work for different people. This truly holistic approach has helped thousands of valley residents in Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert and even Phoenix find the right balance of therapy and education that they were looking for. We attract patients from this large area due to Dr. Pam’s special woman’s touch and the fact that Dr. Ed is one of two certified practitioners of NMR in the valley and the only practitioner of any kind who has perused advanced level training in Fascial Manipulation©.

Our services include a holistic approach based on sound medical knowledge. While it is true that modern allopathic medicine is developing many amazing new therapies for the acute care of very sick or injured individuals, we here at Traum Chiropractic have chosen to focus on the many simple and inexpensive ways to live a truly vibrant and healthy life full of enthusiasm and vitality that most people just don’t realize anymore. It doesn’t take a Harvard MD or a charismatic sales person anymore to tell us about how to live WELL. This information is easily obtained but needs to be assimilated and packaged in a manner that makes it easy to understand and practice. It really comes down to having a personal health coach who can give you the attention you deserve and provide a healing touch when you really need it. This is why we chose to be chiropractors and this is why we love our work. Simply put, we help people live better lives.

We accept most of the larger insurance plans and many of the smaller plans that are emerging these days. If we are not on your insurance plan we do have very reasonable office fees and we can always assist you in finding a way to fit the longevity lifestyle into your budget.