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Proactive Medicine – A Paradigm Shift

Well, not so long ago (3 and a half years), I had my right shoulder put back together after years of martial arts tore up my rotator cuff. I had a great surgeon who ground down the bone spurs and sunk in 4 screws and strapped the tendons back down so that they would grow back into the bone. It was a pretty awful experience in that I was in quite a lot of pain for a few days afterwards and I had to keep my arm immobilized in a sling for 2 months to allow the tendons to root deep and strong into the bone.

Sounds pretty graphic, doesn’t it? I do that for a reason.

Now, thanks to the hard work that firefighting demands, I have the same situation in my left shoulder and I will have surgery for that very soon. I know what to expect and I am preparing mentally and logistically.

What I wanted to state in a brief note here, is that, I could probably have avoided this if I had better managed a smaller injury that occurred about 2 years ago. I was doing some training when I felt a sharp pain in my left shoulder. This most likely was the first indication of a rotator cuff tear and, while I did rehab it myself appropriately, I should have taken the dive into the world of regenerative, stem cell medicine right away. After studying the amazing biochemistry of stem cells, PRP, PRFM, Amnionic fluid, and exosomes, I am convinced that this is a critical part of proactive medicine. I have said for 30 years (starting 10 years before I was even a chiropractor) that Chiropractic medicine, real physical medicine, was the most proactive medical profession in the world. We are always thinking of the future and how to maintain our bodies for that future. However, sometimes we get injured and we have to manage those injuries as conservatively and professionally as possible.

With a minor injury to a shoulder, like the one I incurred, we should all be thinking two things. First, we need to be thinking about how to cool off the acute inflammation and then how to rehab for reinforcement. Second, if there is a tear that hurts with certain movements, we have to consider the likelihood that rehab isn’t going to build a bridge between tissues that are torn apart and separated. For that we need to irritate the area to stimulate much more cellular activity. To do this we have to start thinking about PRP, PRFM, Amnionic Fluid, Stem cells, and Exosomes. These are the progressively effective (and progressively costly) methods for building that bridge. But, by spending a little bit on my body a year ago, I could have very likely avoided the massive tear that occurred while fighting a commercial fire last month.

Proactive thinking requires a new paradigm; one that is quite different from what the majority of humans are trained to do. We have to start actually look at our future and Reverse Engineer our self image so that our behaviors reflect that which is required to achieve that healthy future image. The tools that are here for us are developing right before our eyes.

Yes, health is achieved through healthy diet, moderate exercise, and regular chiropractic care for maintenance of the spine and muscular system. But, as we get older, collagen becomes less flexible and it also becomes harder repair tissues as they wear away. Thus, we have to start thinking about how to stimulate our own bodies to build these tissues so that we can rebuild our bodies. How does this work? Well, your just going to have to attend on of our free talks on the subject to learn the basic facts……….or wait for me to write a book on the subject. That could be a while so it’s best to sign up right away for the class!!

See you there!!

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