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Regenerate! Part 1

Your hearing more these days about the new MIRACLE in medicine. The big talk is “Stem Cells”, right!? Everyone is talking about it like it is the easiest cure for almost anything that is plaguing the human body. But, as usual, the truth is a bit more abstract. Stem cells aren’t the cure for everything and, in fact, we have to be careful what we put into the body.

One of my favorite things to say is that healing is a process of dealing with IRRITATION. If we’re sick, it is usually because our body has been invaded by a pathogen like a bacterium, virus, or fungi. So, we have special cells that recognized this and put a call into our defense forces. These defense forces replicate and conscript other cells into the fight and, if we’re relatively healthy, we win the war on the pathogen.

When it comes to injury, we have two basic types; trauma (T) and repetitive stress (RS). T is pretty self explanatory; car crashes, falls, sports injury, etc. RS is also pretty self explanatory; over use at work, repeated athletic activities like biking or lifting weights or running miles and miles. Everything will have consequence and the body will have to heal itself. It does so by responding to the IRRITATION. Injury hurts cells, they release chemical messengers, those messengers are sensed by the same special cells that call in the defensive forces and, viola!, you have an effort by the cells of your body to clean up and repair the injury. It’s quite beautiful, actually.

So, in my work with Fascial Manipulation (which might be better called ‘Force Vector Correction’) I often tell my patients that this is targeted micro trauma with the specific purpose of creating IRRITATION. I do this so that we can call the defensive forces into the specific areas that are causing the problem. It’s like the generals looking over the battle field and building a strategic plan to place the battles where they’ll do the most good. After all, you don’t want to waste time and energy doing things that are not necessary or, worse, cause more problems.

So, keep this concept in mind when you see advertisements about Regenerative Medicine and anything to do with Stem Cell therapy. It’s basically IRRITATION therapy. We’re targeting an area and inducing a physiological change but it has to be done strategically or you’ll be wasting money and time or, potentially, making things worse. We’ll explore this more in Part 2, so keep an eye out for the next blog post!

It’s absolutely something to think about!

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